With the support of the Ministry of Economic Affairs EGP organizes several activities for the members of EGP.

Since January 2011 Agentschap NL, part of the Ministry of Economic Affairs has formally agreed to the working programme of the EGP.

 This means that we can now go full steam ahead and start planning and executing all activities.

The activities have the following headings:

  1. Port of Constanta
  2. Intermodal transport
  3. Logistics base factors (focus on VAT and customs)

Several trade missions took place, EGP executes several studies, workshops and seminars. Every year new activities are held so please follow our website for news.

For a short summery of the EGP activities, you can download EGP project in short. If you like a more extended version, please send an email to

If you are interested in becoming an member, please contact us.

Please check the upcoming activities for more information and to register.