Since Romania became a member of the EU in 2007, the country’s development is taken to hand rapidly. There is solid economic growth, even in these dire times, and Romania received major commitments from the EU to strengthen its foundations; For the period 2007-2013 Romania will receive a total of 19 billion euro out of the EU Structural Funds, of which 8.5 billion is earmarked for investments in infrastructure and regional development.

The expansion of the port of Constanţa, the navigability of the Donau and the development of the multi-modal junctions and inland water way networks, are all projects which will be taken up within the next few years. The Netherlands have the technology and knowledge to play a role in these developments. Given the economic growth, the investments flowing from Brussels to Romania the coming years and the strategic geographic position as gateway to the (Central) European market, Romania offers numerous business opportunities for the logistics and infrastructure sector in the Netherlands.

In order to seize these opportunities, structural collaboration in a strong international “logistics and infrastructure cluster” is needed. To this end a number of Dutch companies founded the European Gateways Platform (EGP), supported by several trade organisations and the Ministry of Economic Affairs. Furthermore EGP maintains close relations with the Netherlands Embassy in Bucharest.

EGP’s objective is to act on a strategic level in the development of Romania’s logistics and infrastructural sector and to take hold of the clear business opportunities for the Dutch trade and industry in Romania.

2g@there programme
To this end EGP is supported by the Dutch Government, i.c. the EVD. With a 1,5 million 2g@there programme the Dutch Government supports EGP in its efforts to strengthen its footing in the Romanian market and the activities by which EGP targets the business opportunities that arise from the investments in the logistical and infrastructural sector in Romania. In the coming two years a extensive programme of incoming and outgoing (trade)missions, match making events, expert meetings, exchange visitsand feasibility studies will be carried out. Furthermore, EGP established a front-office in Bucharest Romania, serving as a information desk for interested companies and (government) organizations.

Mode of operation
The focus, priorities and strategy for EGP is determined by the EGP participants. They get together once every trimester to discuss the strategy and fill in and work out the EGP activities.

We invite you to become a participant of EGP. The contribution for 2009 amounts to € 2.500,-, excluding VAT.

By participating in EGP you become member of a strong network organization, actively supported by the Ministry of Economic Affairs, the EVD and the Netherlands Embassy in Bucharest. By joining the EGP network you obtain an opportunity to formulate the strategy and activities by which this network targets the Romanian market.

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